Here are some of my publications related to zoonotic diseases:


Ante- and postmortem diagnostics techniques for anthrax: rethinking pathogen exposure and the geographic extent of the disease in wildlife

Serological surveillance of wild boar (Sus scrofa) in Ukraine

Spatio-temporal patterns of livestock anthrax in Ukraine during the past century

Anthrax in a Backyard Domestic Dog in Ukraine: A Case Report

Anthrax in dogs


Agent-Based Transmission Model of Sin Nombre Hantavirus

Increased Detection of Sin Nombre Hantavirus RNA: Evidence of Male Bias in RNA Viremia

Transmission Ecology of Sin Nombre Hantavirus

Population Density & Seasonality Effects on Sin Nombre Hantavirus Transmission in Deermice in Outdoor Enclosures

Coming Soon: Current publications on the economic and geographic heterogeneity of diarrheal disease risk and burden in children under 5 from developing countries.

These studies provide higher resolution (within country) information about diarrheal disease risk in vulnerable populations, to help better guide water and sanitation interventions and enteric vaccine delivery.


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